Leyte-Samar Center For Change



A loving home in a safe village with a chance to go to school is only a dream for most children living on the streets.  Scavenging and begging for food is no environment to grow up in.  Stealing and learning to survive the constant threat of abuse are not the lessons one should need to learn at an early age.

Leyte-Samar Center for Change Foundation is making a difference.  Imagine, being accepted into a loving family, accepted for who you are and yet guided in a better way of life where you can have fun and laughter, receive a quality education, and learn to live a life of integrity, and become someone to look up to.

Eighty-nine children are currently experiencing such transition in our village of ten homes,complete with elementary school.  Twelve youth are studying at our local high school and three are studying at College.  Others have been reunited with families or are in the workforce.   After eight years of operation, Center For Change Village continues to move toward self-sufficiency, growing crops, and livestock, producing coconut oil, soap, and shampoo.  In October 2010 the construction of a skills training building to house a bakery is underway.  It is believed that this project will move Center For Change Village toward greater sustainability, and allow more children an opportunity for a life away from the streets.

Project Manager: Rev. Margaret Pashley