Freedom Foundation Community Development, Chiang Rai, Thailand

J858 is comprised of three main project areas which are implemented by Freedom Foundation, Thailand. Freedom Foundation is a registered foundation in Chiang Rai, Thailand focused on community development and empowerment to the most underprivileged people in our community, particularly focusing on women and children.


Project 1:

Upper Room Children’s Home

Upper Room Children’s home is family-based home which specifically focuses on vulnerable girls and boys with either one or both parents incarcerated, deceased or unable and unwilling to care for their child. These children have been identified as being at significant risk of trafficking or abuse. The primary objective is to provide quality facilities and a loving, supportive family environment where these children can be supported and encouraged to reach their future potential. Upper Room Children’s Home provides a safe environment, quality living, educational scholarships and vocational training to help the children break out of their poverty cycle that society and circumstance has imposed on them.


Project 2:

Freedom Fitness

 Freedom Fitness launched by Freedom Foundation runs as a commercial fitness center, with 100% of the profit utilised on community development in Thailand by supporting childrens homes and educational scholarships.  A key focus of Freedom Fitness is the ongoing development of young men through quality personal development programs, developing a deep understanding of the importance and value of women and children in society.










Project 3:

English Training Centre

This project incorporates English Language training and I.C.T. computer skills training to equip children, youth and single mothers with skills that can be utilised to improve future employment and small business opportunities.  











Please consider partnering with us in the above-mentioned projects. On receiving your donation a fully tax-deductible receipt will be forwarded to you.