India Banjara Girls Rescue



Banjara India Girls – Hyderabad India

This project of hostel and school in India is currently in the process of building a 500 bed girls hostel with fully integrated classrooms starting from grade 1 through to grade 12. The girls come from an ethnic tribal group that view girls as a curse on the family, particularly if the girl happens to be the first-born. They have no future in their social system, and many are still being killed at birth. The next option for the girls is to be sold into slavery. There is an excellent team of dedicated teachers who train the girls in all facets of life. Current the home has a capacity of 160 girls. 114 girls are being cared for and more sponsor are needed @ $40 per month (tax deductible). New facilities to accommodate up to 500 girls is $400 000.  The project is J189 on the India section of Global Development Group