Myanmar Mercy Project


Currently New Life Foundation is supporting 4 orphages based in Yangon, the Capital of Myanmar.  The children are cared for by dedicated local Burmesse volunteers. The homes consist of between 15 and 25 children, under the age of 21 years old.

The cost of supporting an orphan is $25 per month, This covers Food, Accommodation, Education and clothing. The New Life Foundation is working with local volunteers to establish orphanages that meet minimum government standards and exceptional levels of care.  At present the children are in temporary rented housing. The New Life Foundation is working on the ground to acquire parcels of land to support permanent housing and sustainable enterprise. $50 000 will provide the finances for the relocation to permanent housing and provide sustainable income opportunities for these orphanages. Preparation is being made to start the first of the relocation project.

To further support the orphanages, the New Life Foundation is seeking to acquire rice fields to provide the basic nutritional requirements of existing and future orphanages. A rice field, to sustain the current requirements is priced at $20 000.

As a part of the New Life Foundations support of the poorer communities in Myanmar, we have created a micro loan system to encourage and finance entrepreneurial local women to establish enterprises to support the needs of their families and create a sense of worth and purpose among their communities. Loan mounts vary between $20.00 and $50.00, all loans are ratified though the local authority and information on the participants and their projects are available on request. A $25.00 monthly donation will help to extend the program past the borders of the financial capital Yangon to the rest of the country. Supporting the Myanmar Mercy Project Micro Loan initiative changes the lives of not only the woman who are the recipients of the loans, it positively impacts vast communities as these new enterprises create jobs for the mostly unemployed residents of Myanmar.

Thankyou for your support.